We believe in
a happy and
healthy life
for everyone

A Clog for a Clog

We donate protective clogs to children in need around the world

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Many children walk, play, and perform their tasks barefoot because they simply have no other alternative. This represents a great risk for foot wounds and infections that can severely affect the health of a child. A pair of shoes protect their feet from injuries and diseases.


Not having shoes significantly reduces mobility over a multitude of surfaces, and as a result limits access to many places, possibly preventing barefoot children from reaching the desired destination; whether it is a school, a hospital or anywhere as crucial to their wellbeing.

Healthier life

Play, jump, run... With happy kids and functional footwear everything is possible! All children need comfortable and healthy shoes, besides fun and easy to wear. With our soft and protective material on their feet there are endless possibilities for witty daily activities.

A better world - step by step

We donate shoes to various countries such as Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Africa and Spain through NGO organizations like Infancia sin Fronteras and Doctors without Borders. We are currently working on expanding our collaborations, and warmly welcome new organizations and partners to contact us.


We strive to make The Healthee Company
true to its name with philanthropic projects


More than 50.000 shoes donated